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This Saturday, September 24 was rich in crisp news for subscribers to netflix. On the occasion of TUDUM (its major global event dedicated to fans), the streaming giant has indeed filled up with trailers, unreleased extracts and exclusive revelations. On the program: fresh novelties, but also long-awaited sequels. And without forgetting the excluded. Here is a brief recap of all the trailers unveiled by Netflix during the TUDUM.

What’s new on Netflix

Heart of Stone

After Red Notice, Gal Gadot is back on Netflix with this next action thriller that the actress describes as “epic”. The story follows the travels of Rachel Stone, an intrepid CIA agent. This first teaser also promises an action-packed film with a heroine at the top and who is not shy. The rest of the cast is made up of Jamie Dornan and Bollywood star Alia Bhatt.

The Mother

Jennifer Lopez plays it super badass in this next Netflix action movie! Mainly known for her roles as romantic women, the actress and singer slips this time into the skin of a professional killer who comes out of the shadows to protect her daughter whom she had abandoned years ago. The trailer promises an action-packed story with J-Lo in top form.

The Watcher

Fans of disturbing and horrifying stories, this next Netflix series should please you! Inspired by real events, the story follows the nightmare experienced by the Brannock family, newly settled in a beautiful residential area. The couple and their two children begin by receiving disturbing letters signed “The Watcher”, then face the disturbing behavior of the neighbors. This mini-series by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) is worn by Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale.


The next Netflix anime is unveiled in an epic first teaser and all in music. The story takes place in a world ruled by an artificial intelligence. For a safer Earth, she sends all criminals to the Moon, creating a war of independence between those considered such and “good humans”. The series follows Jack who travels to the Moon to save his family.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1

The adventures of Meliodas and company are far from over! In this upcoming animated film, we follow Prince Tristan, the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth, fourteen years after peace returned to the Kingdom of Liones. Unable to control his parents’ powers, Tristan leaves the kingdom for Edinburgh when his mother’s life is threatened. A terrible threat looms on the horizon and this time even the Seven Deadly Sins will have a hard time fighting it…


After All Of Us Are Dead or Hellbound, Netflix is ​​tackling a new webtoon with Lookism. The story follows Hyeong-Seok Park, a high school student who is bullied and despised by other students because of his unattractive physique. Everything changes when he wakes up one day in an incredibly handsome and muscular new body. Now admired by all, Hyeong-Seok will enjoy a whole new life.

Gudetama: An Eggoric Adventure

Netflix leads animation and live action in its next adventure-packed series. The story tells of the journeys of the Gudetama egg which resigns itself to ending up on a plate soon. But everything changes when the chick Shakipiyo decides to leave his fridge to explore the world. With Shakipiyo, they embark on an insane quest: to find their mother!

Sequels to Netflix movies and series

We no longer count the number of sequels to films or series that Netflix fans are impatiently awaiting. The streaming giant was quick to give news and formalize on video the next seasons or parts of its flagship programs.

The TUDUM has thus filled up with new teasers and first previews of the following Netflix films and series: Enola Holmes 2, Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story (the prequel to the Chronicle of Bridgerton), Shadow and Bone season 2, Emily in Paris season 3 , Manifest season 4, My first times season 4, You season 4, Tyler Rake 2, Vikings Valhalla season 2, Lupine Part 3, Dead to Me season 3, Glass Onion (Knives out 2), Outer Banks 3 and Alice in Borderland season 2.

Unpublished excerpts

Netflix also took advantage of TUDUM to unveil a lot of new content on its flagship programs such as The Bridgerton Chronicle, Stranger Things and Squid Game. Fans were also able to discover excerpts from the platform’s most anticipated new releases, including the series centered on Wednesday Addams, the film Slumberland with Jason Momoa, the film Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro, or the film The School of Good and Wrong with Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington.

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