All Xbox consoles 100% recyclable by 2030? Microsoft’s crazy bet

Microsoft sets itself the limit of 2030 to completely upset its habits in terms of ecology, with its Xbox in the line of sight.

Your Xbox console will be totally different in just a few years, and so will your consumption habits. In a blog post, Microsoft addressed the issue of ecology and its efforts in terms of sustainability, and revealed to us in passing its main objective by 2030. In just 8 short years, all Xbox products, including consoles should be 100% recyclable.

The firm explains that this approach will concern three different areas, covering the entire Xbox branch, namely consoles, accessories and packaging. A goal that does not seem so complicated to achieve since the Xbox Series are already 97% recyclable in some countries. We can therefore imagine that the transition to 100% recyclable will take place gradually by 2030.

Greenwashing or real commitment?

However, be careful not to confuse recyclable and recycled. Currently, only Xbox Series S contain recycled materials, at least 28%, and if an object is recyclable, it still has to be recycled at the end of its life. As for accessories, around fifteen controllers are made with a minimum of 25% recycled resin, a figure which should increase by 3 points by May 2022.

This objective goes hand in hand with a three-step ecological initiative; by 2030, Microsoft hopes to achieve a negative carbon footprint, a positive water footprint and a zero-waste policy. To do this, the firm also mentioned its commitment to energy, in particular with the new energy saving mode, which allows you to download your updates at night.

No alteration on the entertainment side

Concerned about the comfort of its players, Microsoft affirms that this transition will not impact the quality of the consoles, nor their performance which will always remain optimal. Since the Xbox Series X is currently the most powerful console on the market, it seems obvious that a loss in performance would not help the company’s business.

Not all countries are concerned by these environmental commitments since Microsoft declares that it will be applied in member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, of which France is a member. Moreover, we advise you to read the post of the firm to better understand its “great ambitions”. She states:

We are aware that there is still a long way to go, we want to commit ourselves, it is an important fight for the planet. The work will never be finished. We are therefore committed to continuing to learn, improve and evolve. You represent a crucial element of this adventure. We will continue to share our progress with you. »

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