All you need to know about The Queen and the Sea DLC coming in 2022

We will have to wait until 2022 to get our hands on the next expansion of the game Dead Cells, called The Queen and the Sea.

Released in 2017, the metroidvania Dead Cells is one of the most popular games of its genre. Developed by Motion Twin, it is occasionally supplemented with expansion DLC and the studio has just announced the arrival of a new kid. This one is called “The Queen and the Sea” (understand, the queen and the sea) and will complete the collection by early next year. In addition to a mini trailer, an has access to a myriad of useful information. We take stock.

A new ending for loyal gamers

The game, which is already in its fourth expansion after Rise of the Giants, Fatal falls and The Bad Seed, will inaugurate the arrival of a new boss who probably happens to be the queen. As a reminder, in Dead cells, the king is your priority target, after he has transformed his people into parasitic monsters, including your character. For this DLC, a new narrative framework will therefore be introduced:

“The road we started so long ago with The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls will end in style with a slightly less conventional arc. The usual two new biomes will be there, but one of them will definitely not be the standard Dead Cells level you know and love… ”

New biomes, new enemies, new weapons

This is therefore the end of a trilogy for the “dungeon crawler, who should see happen two new interesting biomes. These are the Infested Wreckage and the Lighthouse, which will be a variation of the ones you already know. In addition, Motion Twin announces that there will be some new weapons and new enemies not very nice. At the moment, we do not know anything about them, everything is kept secret by the studio. We just know that players will be able to discover an unprecedented ending.

For the occasion, the studio has also shared some never-before-seen images, which show us the new biomes in all their glory, as well as the final boss arena, which you can discover below.

More details will be shared as the release date approaches, which is slated for Q1 2022, so the studio will be giving more details in the coming weeks. On the other hand, we already know its price. The DLC will be available for € 4.99, like other expansion DLCs. The title is playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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