Amazon ECHO SHOW 8 test, a fairly practical device

Amazon, an e-commerce giant, is on all fronts, but we are hardly surprised from them! If I tell you about Cherry? Many of you told me, Groupama, and if I talk to you aboutAlexa ? You immediately think of Amazon. Indeed, Alexa is the first name of the virtual assistant created by the king of e-commerce, a real small revolution. If you are Apple pros, you all know Siri compatible with iPhone and iPad screens. But with Alexa, for four years, Amazon has connected all the devices in the house!

Amazon ECHO SHOW 8

But, who exactly is Alexa? A real intelligent personal assistant, capable of voice interactions, of reading: music, podcasts, giving the weather forecast, setting alarms, making your shopping list… In short, in plain language, simplifying your life, but be careful, Alexa does not not get up for you in the morning! The product that interests us today is the continuation of a long series of connected speakers already released by the brand.

There was the Dot echo (3rd and 4th generation), the echo show 5, as well as the product we are testing the echo show 8, the echo show 10 connected HD screen with movement and since September the echo show 15, 15.6 inch Hd touch board. Let’s focus on the echo Show 8 model, what does it offer us? What are its characteristics ?

Let’s start by looking at the box and its content: it is a garish blue and presents the design of the product and its many features, mainly access on Alexa. Inside, we have the echo, a manual and the power adapter with its fairly long power cable of about 1.50m. After plugging in the device, I appreciate thevery bright 8 inch LCD screen, encircled by a rather thick black border in which is hidden discreetly at the top right a 13 Megapixel photo sensor.

On the top of the device, there are several controls including the ability to mute Alexa, and the volume adjustment buttons. the last button is a physical cache which closes the photo sensor, useful if you think you are being spied on without your knowledge. The design is really successful, it is less round than before, more rectangular, and it can blend without difficulty in all styles of interiors. At the level of dimensions, 20.4 * 13.5 * 8 cm. On the back, there is a power port and a special USB.

It remains to find the best place for it at home, in an entrance, a kitchen, a living room, I do not recommend putting it in a bedroom or a bathroom for really inappropriate use. When switching on, I select the language of use, then I very quickly configure the wifi network that I want to connect. Amazon has done it right and asks you to enter your Amazon account information, or create one, if you were not recognized before your purchase.

Amazon ECHO SHOW 8

After having indicated the room of use of your device as well as having chosen your wallpaper, you are ready to live the experience of the Echo show 8. The LCD screen benefits from colorimetry and a fully adaptive brightness according to the environment. The touch screen is very intuitive, and allows you to consult the information offered by Alexa, such as: ” The question of the day”Or the different choices of wallpaper and photos.

It is also possible to use the screen to watch our favorite series, on platforms such asAmazon prime, Netflix, Youtube… Alexa can hear very well, even when you whisper, it is appreciable. Be careful not to confuse the primary utility of the echo show which is not made for looking at the screen for long hours, but as an auxiliary or emergency screen it can do the trick. It is surely much too bright at home, but there was the presence of many reflections on the screen, which hinders the quality of the viewing.

Anyone can use the echo show not only by voice command, but also by the simplicity of its user interface. By sliding your finger from left to right, you view the different wallpapers, and by sliding up and down, you display the menu parameters. It is possible to adjust the screen brightness, activate bluetooth, display the clock, set notifications, adjust the volume, and even equalize the ringtone for your morning alarm clock.

There is also a “do not disturb”Which mutes the echo show 8 when desired. The novelty of the device is the camera option which when activated allows you to always keep an eye on what is happening in our home, I admit I appreciate the function which is useful when traveling . To use it, just download the Alexa application on the smartphone. With this option we can interact remotely with a person near the device.

When you swipe the screen from right to left, new functions appear, in particular you can send a message to a contact saved on the device, to chat with another echo connected speaker, to adjust compatible connected devices, in my case, I can open the garage door, the shutters, and turn off my swimming pool pump… Not bad, isn’t it? The side slide allows me to have access to my routines and also to the management of all my alarms.

Amazon also allows, with the camera function, to have access to a library of filters to make a bunch of funny pictures with the family. The function that I really adored was the use in the kitchen, following a recipe using voice command, hands full of flour, it is a shock ally in the preparation of recipes. Finally, the uses ofecho show 8 are extremely numerous, it is up to us to define our expectations and to test if ‘Alexa’ is able to answer them as much for private as professional use.

On the other hand, I am not conquered by the use of the clock radio function connected and the audio part, because the sound is not of very good quality.

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