Amazon Games loses historic boss Mike Frazzini

It’s a page that turns in the history ofAmazon Games : Mike Frazzini, at the head of the video game subsidiary of the e-commerce giant since its creation, has announced his departure. A voluntary resignation formalized last Friday, as reported by the Bloomberg site.

After joining Amazon 18 years ago, this longtime employee saw the launch of the American firm’s first video game initiatives such as Prime Gaming, New World or Lost Ark.

Amazon Games, a difficult gestation

Frazzini’s career at the head of Amazon Games is not without its pitfalls: the studio has groped a lot before finding success with its two most recent titlesNew World and Lost Ark. Ryan Jones, spokesperson for Amazon, returns to these beginnings in a press release announcing the departure of the boss: ” Mike was there in the early days of Amazon Games, and his leadership and persistence helped build a video game business out of nothing. Our recent success with New World and Lost Ark is the result of this long-term, consumer-centric vision for games that he helped establish.“.

The history of Amazon Games was mostly made on the ashes of many canceled projects. Breakawayone of three titles announced with great fanfare during TwitchCon 2016, was canceled two years later, in 2016. Cruciblea TPS hero-shooter mixed with battle royale, was decommissioned the year of its release in 2020. More recently, in April 2021, we learned of the cancellation of the MMORPG adapted from the license The Lord of the Ringsafter a legal micmac on the rights of exploitation of the work of Tolkien with Tencent.

We had to wait for the release of New World in 2021 to see Amazon Games impose itself a little on the video game market. This ambitious MMORPG, featuring an alternative version of the first American colonies of the 18th century, recorded good launch figures last September, with nearly one million simultaneous users. And if the player base seems to crumble over time, Amazon Games can always take comfort in the monstrous success of its localized version of Lost Ar, the Korean MMOARPG of all records.

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