Amazon introduces monitor to fight indoor pollution

Indoor air quality is an underestimated health subject, in order to become more aware of it, Amazon has just launched a small monitor capable of constantly measuring it.

It is wrong to think that pollution is only found outside. If road traffic can often give this impression, in reality the air inside homes is on average 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside. Little-known information with often underestimated consequences. It is therefore crucial to renew the air inside your home to eliminate dust, allergens and other harmful particles. As the winter season arrives and the temperatures drop, it is difficult to ventilate your home, the best is to turn to air purifiers, many brands offer them at various budgets.

In this long list, occupied by firms like Dyson among others, Amazon has just added a new name: the Smart Air Quality Monitor. While it is not a proper air purifier, Amazon’s little monitor acts as a detector and goes off when the indoor air becomes too loaded with particles of all kinds. It then sends a notification to the owner’s phone or directly a voice announcement with Amazon’s Echo speakers. This little alert makes it possible not to run an air purifier continuously, thus making it possible to save some energy while preserving its health.

Adopt simple actions to improve your comfort of life

This small monitor allows you to better understand the level of pollution in a room and allows you to make some small, simple adjustments. Pollution can indeed be eliminated in several ways, it is not necessary to open your window wide for hours. A simple cleaning of the air vent can sometimes be enough to significantly improve the air quality in a room. According to the first feedback provided to Amazon by its base of beta testers, the implementation of this monitor, and therefore some small reflexes that go with it, have made it possible to improve the quality of the air in their home.

The testers say they breathe better at home and have a deeper sleep. Polluted air can indeed, among other things, cause insomnia. Last very interesting point presented by Amazon concerning its monitor. The latter is able to measure the level of carbon monoxide in a room. This completely odorless and colorless gas is responsible for 100 deaths and more than 3000 hospitalizations each year in France.

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is available for pre-order at a price of 79.99 €, it should arrive at the first customers on December 8.

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