Amazon makes a big mistake, it publishes 10 new offers 🔥

For this new episode of Black Friday, Amazon has already been active for several weeks. The e-commerce giant officially kicked off this event yesterday morning with thousands of offers. This Saturday, another round of bargains is online.

Black Friday is a big issue for Amazon. Like all other e-merchants, he relies heavily on this operation to end the year well. For this edition, the flavor is a little different due to the global semiconductor breakout. Stocks are lower, customers have to hurry. Here, our guide will help you see more clearly.

Top 10 Black Friday:

  • Disney + subscription at € 1.99 instead of € 8.99 per month
  • Ligue 1 pass (Amazon) at € 9.99 instead of € 12.99
  • CyberGhost VPN at € 1.83 instead of € 12.99
  • NordVPN VPN at € 2.80 instead of € 10.16
  • Boursorama: 80 € free to open an account 🔥
  • Antivirus + Mac Intego cleaner at € 29.99 instead of € 89.99 🔥
  • PCloud Storage: 75% Lifetime Discount

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If Black Friday is also known in France, it is because Amazon worked there. The American merchant site has exported this tradition all over the world and particularly in France. Traditional local players such as Cdiscount, Fnac or Boulanger also take advantage of this to make discounts and boost the volume of figures just before the holidays.

Last year, Black Friday on Amazon resulted in more than a million discounted referrals. For its part, La Redoute confirms this year that more than 200,000 items will see their prices plummet. It is difficult to navigate among all these discounts, so you have to know how to sort it out. Our list above focuses on top sellers in the tech side.

Of course, these are not the only offers available. Black Friday at Amazon and all its counterparts will cover all themes. Whether you want video games, DIY tools, appliances, or new clothes, you’re sure to find happiness. When we can already see the quality of the offers available since yesterday, this 2021 operation is even better than the vintage of the previous year.

A battle of the merchants on Black Friday

As you can imagine, large e-merchants in France have a catalog of products that more or less look the same. You must therefore know how to look for Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and others during Black Friday to find the product at the best price. Above, we’ve done our best to list this year’s bestsellers. The list is updated this Saturday and it will be throughout this weekend.

If you have absolutely no time to devote to your research, there are several alternatives. Either bookmark this page and watch the best Black Friday deals on Amazon every day. Either you go directly to one of the big merchant sites and you type the product that interests you in the search bar (to see the offers). Either you bet everything on the Amazon site: it is he who has the largest catalog.

This weekend, hostilities really started. The most beautiful brands are at the rendezvous of Black Friday on Amazon. We see, for example, Xiaomi, Apple or Bose dropping the price of their popular items sometimes by up to 50%. This is the case, for example, with wireless headphones or the latter’s sound bar. The MacBook Pro M1 and Air M1 are also at unprecedented and indecent prices.

For this edition of Black Friday, Amazon is adopting a different strategy from recent years: it spreads all its offers over a week. If he has promised that unexpected products will be announced on D-Day of Black Friday (i.e. November 26), the rest is already available. And you won’t be able to find a better price afterwards. For example, the Philips Hue at -40% will not see their price drop even lower.

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Flash offers up to -80%

Black Friday on Amazon is a premium event. As you may have read in our selection, the biggest names are represented there. Amazon especially does not want to reduce the quality of offers on this operation. You can therefore find recent products which will be among the most trendy references under the Christmas tree.

On major brands, you will find between 10 and 30% immediate discount – which is already excellent. On older products, this can go up to 50%, also on prestigious brands. Finally, products without too much branding can go up to -80% on some merchant sites. Black Friday displays offers by the tens of thousands, you have to search and take your trouble patiently.

Since last year, Amazon has offered Black Friday real flexibility in purchases. No other e-merchant has copied it because the cost is very high for them. In this case, it allows you to make your Black Friday purchases until the end of January. So you can buy now (effective November 1) and return your purchases after Christmas. If you don’t like the gifts, then you won’t have to resell them.

Amazon has limited stock this time

If you’re on the internet to find great tech deals, you’ll have to get busy. Indeed, Black Friday will be less interesting than other years on Amazon and others. It is not the competitiveness of discounts that is in question, but the available stock. Online merchants are victims of this terrible processor disruption. These are active in all high-tech devices but manufacturers no longer have them in stock.

Since the health crisis, there has therefore been strong pressure on these products. Black Friday on Amazon is just the end result of the pressure. It is above all the manufacturers of these devices who no longer have the means to keep up. It is for this reason that some products already have delivery dates much later. This is the case, for example, with the new iPhone 13 or the Galaxy S21. Samsung’s site lists more than half of its models as out of stock.

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