Amazon raises Prime prices 10 days early

Unsurprisingly, Amazon Prime prices increase from 49 euros to 70 euros in France. But contrary to what was expected, the American firm did not wait until September 15 to make the switch. The new price list is already active, pulling the rug out from under everyone who was waiting for the last moment to subscribe at the old price.

premium video new interface
Credits: Amazon

Amazon Prime is one of the web’s happiness boxes. We do not say this because the article is sponsored, but because many of us in the editorial staff are subscribers. And fast delivery is not necessarily the main reason. Prime Days. Premium Gaming. Premium Twitch. Prime Reading. Amazon Drive. And of course Prime Video with its excellent quality series (we can’t recommend The Rings of Power enough, a series based on Lord of the Rings), its original films or the broadcast of sporting events, such as Roland Garros.

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But all of this comes at a cost. An amount that has greatly increased over time, while the subscription price had not increased since the launch. And it seemed almost obvious that one day Amazon would be forced to revise prices upwards to continue investing in content. This is what happened at the beginning of 2022 in the United States. And this is what was announced in France for the start of the school year. But, according to the mail sent to all subscribers, this increase was not due to take place before September 15, 2022.

Amazon is already applying the new Prime prices

However, we learn today that the new fee schedule is already active. If you go to the Amazon site, in the Prime section, you can find that the prices have been changed. The screenshot opposite was taken from a session without an account connection. And you can see that the annual subscription has increased to 70 euros and the monthly subscription has increased to 7 euros. It is therefore no longer possible to take advantage of the old rates, while there are ten days left before the deadline initially announced by the firm.

amazon prime rate increase in advance

So, anyone who was waiting for the last moment to subscribe to Prime while benefiting from the old price list is going to be disappointed. Because it is now too late. You will have to give up the saving of around twenty euros on the first year of subscription. Be reassured, however: at 5.80 euros per month (one-twelfth of the annual amount), you have access to one of the best SVOD services for twice the price of Netflix. And that’s not the only advantage of this subscription. And if, in the end, you pay a little more to have more quality series and films, isn’t the investment worth it?

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