Amazon suspends user reviews because of trolls

Amazon has taken a drastic decision regarding user reviews of its Rings of Power series. Every viewer review is filtered and published within 72 hours. A way to avoid trolls as well as racist or misogynistic comments that attack the program.

Rings of Power

The Rings of Power series is out on Amazon Prime! After years of waiting, Tolkien fans (and others) can dive back into Middle-earth with two episodes. However, the show has to face a massive attack from trolls. Real ones. To counter this phenomenon, Amazon has made a drastic decision.

As Variety reports, Amazon has quietly introduced a new policy regarding user reviews. Each review posted is evaluated by moderators and posted after a 72-hour delay. A method that wants to avoid the so-called “review bombing” practice.

The Rings of Power, target of racist and misogynistic comments

The fact is that the Rings of Power features strong female characters, such as Galadriel, as well as actors of color (something unprecedented in the universe). A decision which, of course, makes racists and misogynists fume. To avoid despicable comments and bots, Amazon has therefore taken this drastic decision. He took it well, since the other sites are not spared by the phenomenon. For example, the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes shows a healthy 84% for professional reviews, and only 39% for public opinion. Needless to say what aspects are targeted in the series.

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This delay will therefore prevent review bombing. Note that negative reviews will be published, but only if these are constructive and do not show racism. Of course.

In any case, the series is a real success. Amazon announced that on September 2, more than 25 million viewers who rushed to the first two episodes. We remind you that Amazon will broadcast one episode per week (every Friday). Rings of Power is a crazy bet on the part of the firm of Jeff Bezos, since the project cost 750 million dollars, plus the 250 million invested to acquire the rights.

Source: Variety

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