Amazon wants to improve telemedicine… and eradicate cancer

The healthcare market, especially in the United States, is a very big cake for private companies. Amazon does not want to leave its share to anyone!

Amazon has been in the news in the healthcare industry in the United States recently. First by signing a check for 3.9 billion dollars to acquire One Medical, a company that markets a range of services for patients. For $199 per year, subscribers can take advantage of consultations by videoconference or in person, or even refill prescriptions.

Amazon-signed telemedicine service

The e-commerce giant is not absent in this niche: it offers Amazon Pharmacy (resulting from the acquisition of PillPack in 2020), which delivers medicines, and Amazon Care which is a telemedicine service. This was also extended to the whole of the United States at the start of the year. It also offers consultations with doctors in about twenty American cities.

Amazon Pharmacy, Amazon Care and One Medical are intended to work together in a complementary way. The aim is to improve this private healthcare offer by making it ” more accessible, affordable and even pleasant for the patient “, Supports Amir Dan Rubin, the boss of One Medical, thanks among other things to” the customer obsession “of Amazon.

Amazon does not want to stop there, however. The company also wants to attack the root of the problem, which is why it launched a clinical trial with the help of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the objective being to develop vaccines against cancer! The US federal health authorities have given the green light to this initiative.

The process promises to be very long, it will take several years before leading to sufficiently solid discoveries which will potentially make it possible to create effective vaccines against cancer. If there’s one company with the financial backbone strong enough to support such research, it’s Amazon.

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