Amazon would be in full development of a Mass Effect series

Amazon is working hard to beef up its Prime Video service. The platform could indeed host the TV series adaptation of the Mass Effect saga!

After the boxes of several series based on video game universes, such as Witcher (which itself is based on a series of books) or Arcane (League of Legends), this is another monument of its kind that could be adapted. Amazon is indeed interested in Mass Effect. In fact, Prime Video would be very close to signing with Electronic Arts, the publisher of this saga.

The success of fantasy series

There are very few details known yet, but Jennifer Salke, the boss of Amazon Studios, explained that there is within the group responsible for the development of the video content a team dedicated to the production of science fiction programs. / fantasy. For its part, Electronic Arts announced that a series based on the game was going to be started, ” it’s not a question of if, but of when “.

Another clue that confirms the development of a series Mass Effect : Henry Cavill, star of Witcher, hinted in February that he was attached to the project… It would be another heavyweight for the catalog of Prime Video, including the new series Wheel of time cardboard.

The first season, which features Rosamund Pike in a universe of magic, is quite simply the most watched series of the year and one of the five biggest launches of the platform. The series works very well in the United States, Germany or France, according to Amazon. History of beating the iron while it is hot, the shooting of season 2 is already well underway.

Prime Video is therefore on the rise, pending the adaptation of the Lord of the Rings, whose series is expected on September 2, 2022. A season 2 is already in the cards.

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