American Airlines bets on supersonic with Boom

Will the supersonic bet succeed? In any case, several start-ups believe in it, and also airlines. American Airlines has announced its intention to buy dozens of Overture, the future airliner developed by Boom.

Since the retirement of Concorde in 2003, there is no longer any way to travel at supersonic speed (except if you are a fighter pilot…). Several start-ups are trying to take the title of successor to the Franco-British supersonic aircraft and among these contenders, Boom seems off to a good start. The company has also received valuable assistance from one of the world’s largest airlines.

The first tests not before 2027

American Airlines has indeed agreed to buy 20 Boom Overture models, the order being accompanied by an option for 40 additional units if the first models are satisfactory. On the scale of Boom, it’s a huge contract that will allow it to strengthen its production capacities of course. And a hell of a bet on the future for American Airlines.

Car Boom has not yet built a functional airliner, except for an early prototype that served as the basis for the Overture. The manufacturer lifted the veil a few weeks ago on the final design of the Overture. The aircraft will be capable of carrying up to 80 passengers at supersonic speed (2,100 km/h, or Mach 1.7). The supersonic will be able to link London to New York in 3 hours and 30 minutes, compared to twice that on traditional lines.

Presenting a design is one thing, building the device is another… Just like ensuring maximum safety. Boom intends to carry out the first flight tests in 2027, while commercialization would not occur before 2029. If these dates seem distant, for many observers they are still too close to us! For Airbus or Boeing, launching a new aircraft requires years of testing, and here we are talking about a whole new type of aircraft.

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