Among Us: servers have been under DDoS attack for several days

Among Us is having a bad time with a DDoS attack that has been targeting its US and European servers for several days now. This impacts players who are unable to join a game.

Among Us

A major DDoS attack targets Among Us

It all started on March 25 when the official Twitter account ofAmong Us has published a message that its servers in Europe and the United States were under DDoS attack. This means that they receive a large amount of connections at the same time, which causes the whole thing to crash. “The service will be offline while the team works to fix it, but it may take a while, hang in there!” Sorry ! »says a tweet.

On March 26, it was announced that the servers were still offline due to the attack. “They can turn on or off but we’ll let you know when we think they’re stable, sorry! », indicated another message. It is now March 28 and there is no new information on the subject.

DDoS attacks continued to be a problem, even for large-scale online businesses and services. In December 2014, PSN and Xbox Live were taken down by a massive DDoS attack. Unfortunately, these types of attacks are difficult to predict and stop. And as more and more video games depend on the Internet, DDoS attacks will only become a bigger and more annoying problem for gamers and developers.

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