An AI generates tens of thousands of new biological weapons… in a few hours

I’AI, it’s a bit like language, nuclear or baked fries, the worst and the best thing possible (rarely at the same time fortunately). Researchers from Pharmaceutical collaborations proved quite easily by diverting the “normal” use of MegaSyn, an AI specialized in the detection and identification of toxic molecules. After a small modification of the algorithm by our mischievous researchers, MegaSyn did the opposite of its initial objective and began to combine the most toxic molecules in order to obtain real “biological weapons”.

Artificial intelligence

The researchers also made the combinations approach the level of toxicity of the nerve agent VX, but the AI ​​went beyond the “recommendations” and managed to generate many, many combos even more lethal than the infamous neurotoxin! After barely 6 hours, the “diabolical symbiont” version of the MegaSyn had generated more than 40,000 unprecedented combinations of ultra-toxic molecules! Frightened by the results, the researchers decided not to make the details of his combinations public.

Unsurprisingly after this traumatic experience – even more a posteriori in the context of a war in Europe where the hypothesis of biological weapons is debated – the researchers call for a much stricter regulation of “molecular” AIs.

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