an air of Downton Abbey, but with magic?

Neil Gaiman announces a series that shakes up the codes and that will surprise us at every moment.

Among the most anticipated projects in 2022, the adaptation of Sandman by Netflix holds a place of choice. The series, carried by Neil Gaiman in person, promises to be a small revolution for the SVOD platform which announced a few weeks ago that the work would not be in the lace. While we are still awaiting an official release date, its creator confided in the project to Empire.

As a reminder, Sandman follows the adventures of Morpheus. The King of Dreams attempts to undo the cosmic and human mistakes he has made in his vast existence. To camp it, the platform called on Tom Sturridge (sweetbitter). He will give the reply to Gwendoline Christie (Game Of Thrones) as Lucifer and Vivienne Acheampong (Charlie turn it up) in that of Lucienne. Charles Dance and Kirby Howell-Baptiste are set to portray Roderick Burgess and Death, respectively.

“With Sandman, it’s about surprising you”

During this interview, Neil Gaiman returned to the tone of the series. An atmosphere that will be visibly particularly dark, which probably explains the ban on viewing for those under 18. But even beyond this information, the creator announced that Sandman should shake up the codes, for the sole purpose: “to surprise you. It’s about reinventing yourself, taking you on a journey you’ve never been on before”.

He also specified that each new episode will be diametrically opposed to the previous one. “You watch the first episode and you think, it’s like Downton Abbey, but with magic. (…) Episode 5 is about as dark and traumatic as anything that can happen, and then you have Episode 6, which is probably the most enjoyable of all the episodes”.

An irrelevant story?

The bet is risky for Netflix, which is tackling a monument of literature, a metaphysical and philosophical exploration that deals with death, life and dreams. Sandman has long been deemed unsuitable given the complexity of his story. However, Netflix has rolled up its sleeves to add a new success (?) to its catalog.

The presence of Neil Gaiman in the production is reassuring, the work should logically not deviate too much from its basic material. Still, the involvement of a novelist in an adaptation project is not always a guarantee of quality, we still remember Jupiter’s Legacy which was far from unanimous when it came out; and this, despite the presence of Mark Millar in production.

To form your own opinion, you will have to wait a little longer. Netflix has not yet communicated on the official release date of Sandman. We know, however, that it should take place somewhere in 2022. To make us wait, Neil Gaiman shared an unpublished image, which honors Morpheus and Lucienne (Lucien in the novels).

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