an all-terrain mobile platform to transport a cradle in complete safety

an all-terrain mobile platform to transport a cradle in complete safety

While waiting for the cradles to float in the air like Baby Yoda’s, this is what comes closest to it: the Mobile Eccentric Droid, or MobED, from Hyundai! An all-terrain vehicle that knows how to adapt to all situations.

Never stuck with a good idea, Hyundai has unveiled its new, unusual project. The MobED (for Mobile Eccentric Droid) is a small four-wheeled platform that has been designed to ride on any terrain, even the roughest. These wheels are independent of each other, each having its own suspension.

Baby Yoda approves

The platform can thus move in complex environments, constantly adjusting the wheelbase and the steering angles. MobED is also able to turn on itself 360 degrees. In addition, the platform has an integrated steering, braking and altitude control system.

Each of the four wheels is connected to three motors which provide the necessary power, direction and control for the best position and stabilization of the vehicle. Finally, the 12-inch wheels have been designed to absorb shocks and vibrations. Therefore, MobED can adopt an optimal posture regardless of the surface on which it rolls. Which makes it the ideal support for a cradle!

The tray, which is 67 centimeters long and 60 cm wide, weighs 50 kg. Its maximum speed is 30 km / h and its engine is of course electric. Autonomy is four hours thanks to a 2 kWh battery. Outside the cradle, Hyundai imagines that MobED could be useful for transporting disabled people, large touch screens… or glasses.

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