An American hacked North Korea’s internet

Companies and administrations are not the only ones to suffer attacks from hackers on their internet infrastructures. Almost all of North Korea’s websites were outright down intermittently for several days. At the origin of this cyber-attack: an angry American!

In recent weeks, observers of what is happening in North Korea have been surprised to see that most of the country’s websites have gone down intermittently for several days in a row. This was the case of the site of the national airline Air Koryo, or the official portal of the government of dictator Kim Jong-un.

Network down official websites

At least one of the central routers that provides access to Korean networks was crippled, preventing digital connections to the outside world. The responsibility for this failure lies with an American, nicknamed P4x, who a year ago was hacked by North Korean spies. It was a massive campaign at the time to get information about computer security researchers.

P4x escaped the worst, but angry at this attack (and the US government’s inertia), they simply decided to take the bull by the horns. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth ! P4x examined the country’s internet infrastructure, identified weak points and vulnerabilities, and in turn went on the attack by organizing denial of service attacks (DDOS).

It was not about blocking internet access to North Koreans, but only to undermine official websites. There are few, and then the country’s Internet users only have access to a national intranet with no opening to the outside. However, this attack may not have had the expected effects on the targeted hackers: North Korean hackers generally operate from China.

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