An ancient colony accidentally discovered in the Arabian Peninsula

The desire to know the history of mankind and thus vanished civilizations has long prompted researchers to conduct expeditions pretty much everywhere in the world. In this momentum, discoveries are made a few times. In the past, scientists searching for underground water sources discovered ruins of what seems to be a vanished civilization.

In reality, the site would be a vast space symmetrical appointed Makhfia of 2 x 3 kilometers squares discovered through pictures satellites radar in a region of Qatar. What is more, this finding contradicts all beliefs and studies refuting the existence of a civilization former sedentary in this region.

The research was conducted by the University of California from South Viterbi School of Engineering and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Furthermore, it was funded by the agency from StatesUnited for international aid and development.

Clues leaving room for multiple speculations

Indeed, the new study, published in ISPRS (Newspaper of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing), goes against the idea that this peninsula was entirely nomadic. Thus, guesses and possibilities began to arise in the hearts of scientists. Moreover, the evidence mapped from space indicate that the population seems to have had a sophisticated understanding of groundwater use.

Also, other analyzes confirm that the rectangular domain is artificial because of his attributes which contrast sharply with the characteristics geological surrounding. In order to confirm these hypotheses, Heggy, principal author of the Center of research on the weather arid and the water of USC declares: “A settlement of this size in this particular region, away from the coastline where most ancient civilizations were located, is unusual. »

More importantly, the researchers believe that this site must have been up for a long time due to the addiction with regard to waters underground. Moreover, the presence of this colony allows researchers to reconstruct the changes paleoclimatic recent events that have occurred on the peninsula arabic.

Does Makhfia have the answers that current civilizations are looking for?

Thanks to the discoveries made, the researchers were able to deduce that the deserts have not always been uninhabited. Indeed, according to Mr. Heggy, the ability of this culture to mitigate fluctuation could be our story.

“This story is very important today. In drylands, disbelief in climate research is widespread. Many believe that climate change is something in the future or far in the “geological” past. This site shows that it has always been there and that our recent ancestors made its attenuation a key to their survival. »

Mr Heggy


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