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an efficient and inexpensive microphone for beginner streamers

Are you a beginner streamer looking for an affordable yet versatile mic? Look no further, here is the JBL Quantum Stream.

When you embark on an audiovisual activity, one of the most important points is the equipment you use; a bad investment and it is guaranteed frustration. To avoid this, there is no need to put thousands and cents into state-of-the-art equipment, it is often enough to find the equipment that is most suitable for you. This is why many brands are now betting on very precise denominations, as is the case with JBL and its microphone called Quantum Stream.

You will have understood it just from its name, the JBL Quantum Stream is aimed at streamers and other videographers of all kinds. Easy to use, and relatively complete, the microphone theoretically has everything to please, especially to neophytes who would like to bet on a convincing entry level.

For lovers of sobriety

When you open the box of the JBL Quantum Stream, you find yourself with a USB to USB-C cable, installation manuals, as well as the microphone, of course. The bare minimum, therefore, to embark on the crazy adventure of streaming. The microphone itself is a pleasant surprise visually. Perched on a sturdy metal stand that can be tilted 360°, the recording part is made of plastic, but remains of good quality. This material is probably less resistant over time but does not have the merit of lowering the price on the invoice, but also of making the microphone incomparably light.

Sitting on a desk doesn’t make much of a difference, but it’s an interesting aspect the moment you want to carry it around. Moreover, the general look of the microphone remains very elegant, all in sobriety. Below, there is a ring of LEDs with customizable colors, the only possible reference to “gaming” oriented hardware.

In terms of ergonomics, JBL could not have made it simpler. On the top, there is a touch control to mute the sound of the microphone, on the front a wheel which allows you to adjust the sound of the headphones, and below a USB-C port as well as a 3.5 mm jack port. Suffice to say, therefore, that the handling is extremely simple, intuitive and damn effective.

Fully customizable sound quality

But it’s at the audio level that everything is played. To capture sound, simply connect the Quantum Stream microphone to a computer using the supplied cable, which will automatically power the device. You can then simply start streaming or recording your audio. Note that the default sound is correct and suitable for most amateur uses. Compared to more high-end models, the sound lacks clarity and you can hear crackling in the background when the volume is high.

You can, however, improve this in a pinch. The JBL Quantum Stream microphone is compatible with the JBL Quantum Engine software suite, which we already shared with you in the Quantum 350 gaming headset review. make the exhaustive list, but which includes the lighting parameters, the presence of an equalizer or the possibility of changing the directivity.

By switching from cardioid mode to omnidirectional mode, and vice versa, you adapt the microphone to your use in real time. As a reminder, the omnidirectional mode picks up sound within a 360° perimeter, while the cardioid focuses on front-facing pick-up. Use has shown us that it is a particularly effective mode for minimizing surrounding noise, while omnidirectional causes a little more resonance.

You can also configure your personalized profiles in a simple and intuitive way, or use one of the 5 configurations offered by default in the software. We nevertheless regret the absence of microphone feedback when connecting headphones directly to the device, which could have improved our experience.

A microphone designed for budding streamers… but not only

Obviously, with a microphone of this ilk, do not expect to climb the ladder like Gotaga or Maghla. However, the JBL Quantum Stream remains a rather cost-effective initial solution that should satisfy you for a long time if your activities do not take a more professional turn.

In addition to streaming, do not hesitate to explore other content with this microphone such as podcasts or amateur radio, a mode for each of these activities being programmed in the software. And if they don’t suit you, you know what to do!

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