an electric motorcycle that spins at 200 km / h

Zero is a relatively unknown motorcycle brand, which offers models of a whole new kind: electric. If this energy has made its way into the automotive world, things are very different on two wheels.

In the world of individual transport, we often talk about electric cars. Indeed, four-wheeled cars are the preferred means of transport on the planet, and today it is estimated that there are more than 1.4 billion cars in circulation on the planet. If two-wheelers only represent a tiny minority of motor vehicles in circulation, there would be 3.6 million in France alone, and around 100 times more in the world, they are also in the process of change.

Often forgotten when it comes to ecological transition, two wheels are nevertheless a very popular mode of transport. If cars have found the solution to their problem in electrics, at least it would seem, motorcycles and other two-wheelers could follow the same path. Indeed, many companies are working to produce electric motorcycles, which would have nothing to envy their thermal cousins.

Zero Motorcycles: the Tesla of motorcycles?

Far from the historical manufacturers like Harley-Davidson or BMW, brands are created around this concept of electric motorcycle, this is for example the case of Zero Motorcycles, which could be compared to a Tesla on two wheels as the brand’s projects are futuristic. Although the company Zero does not yet have the same influence and the same success as its Texan colleague.

Zero Motorcycles has just launched a brand new model, the 2022 Zero SR. The latter should be able to achieve more than correct performance with 74 horsepower. But Zero offers as an option, a mode giving even more power to the engine, thus reaching 110 horsepower, and at the same time a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Zero’s cyberstore

But in addition to this new model, the Zero brand has just made a major announcement. Indeed, after months of work, it has just set up a store, similar to a mobile application that allows you to easily add and pay for options. The firm assures that this new system makes adding options extremely simple, and that it only takes a few seconds.

This addition is done through various updates to the internal systems of the bike, which can then deliberate a little more power or torque according to the desires of the user. It is also possible to add an option to extend the range of the motorcycle by 20%. The latter costs $ 2195. It is also possible to have a boosted recharge which is done much faster against 195 dollars.

The arrival of these options at Zero should allow consumers to have a vehicle that perfectly matches their expectations and that can evolve over time with just a few clicks.

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