an electric scooter with breathtaking performance!

It’s been several years since the manufacturer Zapp dangled its i300 electric scooter faster than lightning, or almost. The promise seems to have been kept and better still, we can already book it.

The Zapp i300 already surprises with a very angular and almost aggressive design. The electric scooter does not no compromise “, as the manufacturer announces, on this side it is successful. The “exoskeleton” is made of an aerospace-grade steel metal alloy.

Four models to go fast

But the two-wheeler, which emerges in the 125 electric category, is also a racing beast. Its motor with a capacity of 14 kW provides a torque of up to 587 Nm to the wheel, which gives it a speed of 96 km/h. It provides a 0 to 50 km / h in just 2.35 seconds: breathtaking! It will be better to be firmly attached to the seat before taking off…

The 1.4 kWh battery contains two removable lithium-ion cells (720 Wh), which can therefore be recharged at home without difficulty. Its autonomy is 60 km in ECO mode. Three driving modes are offered to save more or less the battery: ECO therefore (4 kW maximum), Power (11 kW) and Zapp (18 kW).

© Zapp

Zapp offers four models, the first being a limited edition of 1,000 units. It costs 8,900 euros and for this price, we leave with a scooter with a red body, as well as a unique license plate. The rigid support is made of carbon. The other three versions are cheaper: €7,900 for the i300 Carbon using sustainable technologies with a carbon composite body.

The body of the i300 Bio incorporates high-end vegan composite materials, for the same price. Finally, the i300 Ocean uses recycled ocean plastics for its bodywork. This is the most affordable model: €6,300. In any case, that’s not counting the green bonuses, and you’ll have to pay a refundable deposit of €100.

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