an environmentally sustainable personal air conditioner for €200

The intense heat that has hit France in recent weeks will unfortunately not stop there. We must indeed expect much more frequent episodes of heat waves, which will require finding effective, inexpensive and above all ecologically viable solutions to cool down.

Cooling down will become something quite essential in a world where temperatures are constantly rising, causing more frequent heat waves. However, it is difficult to invest in “old-fashioned” air conditioning systems, which consume a lot of energy even though it is becoming rarer and therefore more expensive. Not to mention the disastrous environmental impact…

Cool the air without polluting it

This is why it is necessary to find effective and affordable solutions while being less greedy. Like the HexaFresh, described by its manufacturer as ” cooling individual fan “. The device, the size of a small desk fan, cools the air by exploiting the Peltier effect that we know well in coolers, for example.

The principle of HexaFresh is to cause a phenomenon of heat displacement with the help of an electric current. The Peltier effect arises when conductive materials of different natures come into contact: one junction cools down, the other heats up. In this way, the device can lower the temperature by 6-10 degrees in an area of ​​1.3-1.5 m². It’s not very big, nevertheless it could be enough for an office or to refresh a room.

The HexaFresh is also distinguished by its much lower energy consumption, around 80% compared to a traditional system. As a bonus, the case can also reduce humidity in the air. And the French start-up behind this invention plans to make it an extra heater for the winter.

The first pre-series should be produced by the end of the year, while the start of marketing is planned for 2023 at a price below 200 €.

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