an epic teaser for the series finale

It’s almost the end clap for The Walking Dead. The series is indeed preparing to bow out after twelve years of good and loyal service. The last part of season 11 is coming soon to OCS. In the meantime, the channel has unveiled a epic and emotional trailer for the grand finale.

Get ready, because it’s war

In this final season of The Walking Dead, Daryl, Carol, Maggie and all the others encounter the Commonwealth group and also face the Reapers. The tension gradually increased over the episodes to finally end in open war in the final episodes of season 11. As we can see in the trailer, the survivors of Alexandria are on a war footing and don’t intend to give quarter. The video announces an end that promises to be bloody for the heroes, but also moving: “Even if all seems lost, this is not the end”.

See you in October on OCS

The end of the trailer announces the release date of the broadcast of the first episode of this third and last part of season 11. It is therefore October 3, 2022 than the streaming platform OCS will exclusively broadcast the latest episodes of The Walking Dead. Note that there are only eight episodes before the end of the series.

Fans are already looking forward to reuniting with their favorite characters in ultimate (my)adventures. The farewells will however be less heartbreaking when we know that several characters will be entitled to spin-offs: Daryl will fly to France, while Maggie and Negan will face zombies on the island of Manhattan. While waiting to learn more about these spin-offs of The Walking Dead, go to OCS in October to say goodbye to the parent series.

Official teaser for The Walking Dead season 11 part 3

Source : Youtube

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