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Two years after the end of “Vikings”, Netflix is ​​back with ” Vikings: Valhalla », the spin off of its flagship series! To the delight of fans, the streaming giant has unveiled a first trailer of his new show. A rabid trailer that leaves no doubt about this long-awaited sequel: there will be a fight in these new adventures in the lands of the North.

An action-packed trailer

The first trailer for “Vikings: Valhalla” is clearly not lace: the first minutes of the video plunge us directly into the action with our heroes who find themselves in the middle of a storm. The fight scenes then follow. A heavy perfume of war floats throughout the trailer, enough to delight those who loved to follow these crazy bloody epics in the parent series. It is clear that they will be widely served in “Vikings: Valhalla”.

New heroic adventures

For those who expect a direct sequel to “Vikings”, it will not be: “Vikings: Valhalla” takes place 100 years after the events related in the parent series. The story follows the Vikings as they prepare to invade England. But of course, the British army does not intend to let it go. The war between the two nations will be very bloody at will. In any case, the trailer promises an epic series with strong, charismatic characters who will clearly not leave viewers indifferent!

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ is coming to Netflix next February 25. It has been announced that this first season will consist of 8 episodes of approximately 50 minutes. And the adventure is not yet ready to end since a second season is already in post-production.

Without further ado, I invite you to watch the first trailer for Vikings: Valhalla.

Official trailer for Vikings: Valhalla (VF)

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