An essential Windows 11 update to do so as not to lose data

Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 users, apply the latest updates for these operating systems! Microsoft has indeed detailed a very serious bug that can damage data.

This new breach affects the most recent processors integrating the Vector Advanced Encryption Standard (VAES): this concerns in particular Intel processors (Ice Lake, Tiger Lake and Rocket Lake), as well as the AMD Zen 4 architecture. speed up the processing of data encryption and decryption operations on the PC.

A bug in the VAES

It is therefore a very important software component that ensures the security of the computer and data. Microsoft has added additional code for hardware acceleration support of the Symcrypt library for these processors. Implementation errors have been made which may result in lost or corrupted data.

Microsoft does not specify what the user should do if the PC has already suffered a data corruption problem, but the publisher provides an update for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 to avoid problems in the future. However, the company admits that this update can have painful side effects.

After the update, the user may notice a drop in performance for almost a month, warns Microsoft. And for good reason: encryption operations can take twice as long to complete… Slowdowns are therefore to be expected for BitLocker, TLS (Transport Layer Security) and disk access, especially for business customers.

Nevertheless, it’s a (temporary) bad for good, because the update of operating systems fixes a bug that can be particularly disabling for users who have the bad habit of not saving their data on a medium. external.

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