An Israeli startup has developed a radar capable of “seeing” through walls

Camero-Tech, an Israeli startup that belongs to the Samy Katsav (SK) group, specializes in UWB micropower and pulse radars, radars capable of seeing through walls! At Eurosatury 2022 in Paris, Camero-tech unveiled its latest creation, the Xaver™ 1000.

Radar Behind Wall 1 1024x617

This is what the radar actually sees. Sufficient to locate hostage takers, or people to rescue

This radar, which is still very secret (not to say top secret) in operation, embeds absolutely diabolical software since it makes it possible to precisely locate one or more individuals located behind a wall. Nothing stops this ultra-powerful tracking system, not even a big concrete wall!

The Xaver 1000 not only locates people behind walls or obstacles (which had already been done before); the radar (or rather the algorithm) can also determine the precise movements of the individual. Unbelievable ! The other advantage of this radar is its ease of use: only one person is needed to operate it, without requiring any prior training. This rather fantastic device is of course only intended for the military or the emergency services (it becomes possible to locate an individual trapped under rubble), and its price has not been communicated.

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