an bundle to help associations

The independent games platform offers a sizeable bundle to help victims of the loss of abortion rights in the United States.

A very sad news marked the history of the United States two weeks ago now: the Supreme Court revoked the decision Roe v. Wade which guaranteed the right to abortion throughout the country since 1973. Now, states can individually and freely decide to put an end to it; as is already the case in Texas in particular.

From now on, pregnant people from the States concerned wishing to use this procedure will have to travel to another region of the country, a situation which can quickly become expensive, especially when this is added to the already high cost of medical expenses in the country of Uncle Sam. In addition, the government monitors user data to be able to prove whether an illegal procedure has been performed. Many associations then began to raise funds to help people likely to suffer an unwanted pregnancy, and this is not without counting on the enormous solidarity of the gaming community.

A (huge) package of games for a good cause, anyone?

The platform is strong and decides to do everything possible to raise as many funds as possible by offering an astronomically large bundle. The brand new “Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds” offers no less than 792 tracks for just $10 (it is however possible to give more at your convenience, if you wish to support the cause as best you can). Knowing that the estimated value of the bundle is more than 3000 dollarsthis offer is an excellent deal in addition to being a good deed.

And rest assured, 100% of proceeds from this fundraiser will be redistributed to the National Network of Abortion Funds. This bundle only offers games from independent studios, it obviously has its share of nuggets not to be missed. If you were looking for a new little game to discover, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your video game library while helping to achieve a good deed.

Another bundle also available on highlights queer developers from the LGBTQIA+ community in order to highlight the work of people who are often sidelined. The platform wants to prove that hobby can rhyme with commitment and solidarity, by allowing to combine passion for video games and humanitarianism.

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