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an Nvidia leak revives the rumors

The Nintendo Switch Pro may not be buried yet. The proof with this new leak that occurred at Nvidia.

While all players were hoping for the release of a Nintendo Switch Pro last year, they finally had to settle for an OLED model. By choosing to improve its screen, but not the rest of its technical data sheet, the Japanese entertainment giant has inevitably made people disappointed. Especially since just 5 years after the release of the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017, things have not changed much for the Big N console.

Nvidia unveils the next Nintendo Switch?

After having repeatedly denied the fact that a Switch Pro was in development, Nintendo has just relaunched – in spite of itself – rumors of a new console. A few days ago, the Nvidia founder was the victim of a major cyberattack, revealing to the general public several confidential files on the future of the company. According to a recent report from the TechPowerUp site, the list of leaked documents would notably contain a file called NVN2, as well as an NVNDLSS driver.

If these code names do not mean anything to you, they are nevertheless well known to Switch developers: NVN is the API (application programming interface) on which the programs capable of running on the Big N console are written. NVNDLSS, on the other hand, is based on Nvidia DLSS technology, which refers to high resolution and AI upscaling. However, this is not the first time that rumors of a possible Switch Pro focus on DLSS. The association of these two documents therefore revives the debate, while bringing some credit to the hopes of the players.

Obviously, nothing says that a Pro model will see the light of day on the side of the Nintendo Switch. The firm can simply decide to explore the possibilities related to its console, without making things happen. Especially since with an OLED version released less than six months ago, it’s a safe bet that a Pro model will not be unveiled for a long time even if it was actually in the boxes. After all, the console still has many good years ahead of it.

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