an official film adaptation by Netflix

We didn’t think it would come back one day, and yet: the film adaptation project of the cult game BioShock seems to come back to life through the care of netflix. The SVoD service announced the news on its Twitter account netflix geeked dedicated to its original productions, without really revealing any very interesting information on the project.

Netflix was thus not particularly generous and preferred to be stingy for this announcement—which is sure to attract the attention of almost everyone who has ever touched BioShock. No visuals or release date were given; all we know is that it’s a co-production between Netflix, 2K and the publisher Take-Two, nothing more… And all that still gives a hell of a feeling of deja vu .

It must be said that the idea of ​​seeing Rapture transported to the big screen does not date from yesterday: it has been well over ten years since the project circulated in the corridors of the major Hollywood studios, without ever giving anything of concrete.

Rapture makes its cinema

It was Universal who first signed a partnership with Take-Two in 2008 for the production of a big screen adaptation under the leadership of Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean). The latter quickly left the project following disagreements with the production. Never mind, it was the Spanish filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo who had to be appointed to replace him at short notice, then entering the pre-production phase in 2010.

The adaptation then had to count nearly 200 million dollars in its budget, with the desire to preserve the violence and the atmosphere of the original game… But after the commercial failure of watch men in 2009, the project was finally canceled in 2013. Kevin Levine, director of the 2008 game, then declared that the studios were particularly reluctant to invest such a sum of money in a film prohibited for children under 17—which in the United States often means limited box office income.

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