An unidentified piece of rocket is about to crash into the Moon

The impact should take place this March 4 at 1:25 p.m. exactly, which is around the time of the publication of this article. The initial observation of the debris had led to the false conclusion that it was a piece of launcher SpaceXbut recent calculations seem to indicate almost certainly that the debris is that of the Chinese launcher Long March 3C, despite China’s denials. It is the very first time that a spacecraft will crash on the Moon in a truly accidental way, ie without taking into account the failed moon landings.


The researchers expect that the impact of the crash will generate a new shallow crater on the Moon 10 to 20 meters in diameter (which is not nothing), but the event will not be visible from the Earth despite the presence of several probes in lunar orbits (LRO and Chandrayaan-2). NASA nevertheless specifies that it “will be able to use its cameras to identify the impact site, by comparing the old images with those taken after the impact” but warns that “The search for the crater will be difficult and could take weeks or even months”

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