An unlikely live-action film for this video game icon

After Sonic, it’s the turn of another mascot to arrive on the big screen and this adaptation is likely to be talked about.

Some franchises are more easily in the live-action format, even if these adaptations are often average, even mediocre. sonic and tomb Raider are probably the only ones to stand out, but another mascot could well change the game… By its quirky and surprising side, this new feature film will probably mark the genre of films inspired by video game licenses.

It’s about Pac-Man here, the little yellow ball from Namco. While this has already appeared in the anecdotal pixels in 2015, the video game icon is about to make a comeback with great fanfare on the big screen. Indeed, the arcade hero has just dug up a live-action adaptation that does not fail to surprise.

The Labyrinth (from Pac-Man)

It’s hard to imagine Pac-Man taking shape in a live-action movie. This is not the mascot’s first adaptation after many 2D and 3D animated series. However the choice of real shots for this character in particular has the merit of challenging. When you know the gameplay of Pac man based on a chase in a maze, it’s hard not to think of James Dashner’s novels adapted to the cinema in 2014. A Pac man approaching dystopian?

Kidding aside, some light details about the production are starting to surface. According to our colleagues from The Hollywood Reporter, Bandai Namco has partnered with Wayfarer Studios for this new project. The original idea would come from a certain Chuck Williams, developer and producer at Lightbeam Entertainment, a company specializing in the production of films and series. The producer is not his first adaptation since he has already worked on the film. sonic. As saying that Pac man is in good hands. It therefore remains to discover what the little yellow ball can do in the real world: whether in terms of design or scenario, the task will be heavy for the teams.

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