an unprecedented collaboration with Sony AI is approaching

The developer of Gran Turismo and Sony AI are teasing an innovative collaboration of the most mysterious.

Less than a month separates us from the release of Gran Turismo 7 on Playstation. And yet, this is not what the Polyphony Digital studio is talking about today. Indeed, on Twitter, fans spotted an intriguing announcement regarding a collaboration with the company Sony AI. Specialized in innovation, artificial intelligence and robotics, the company plans to launch a brand new product in partnership with the developer of Gran Turismo.

In its message, which contains the link of a video, Sony AI states: “ Our team is thrilled to launch its flagship gaming product and announce a groundbreaking AI project, created in collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc. (PDI) and Sony Interactive Entertainment (EIS). Enjoy this preview. »

Artificial intelligence in Gran Turismo 7?

If this statement is rather enigmatic, it is not the video that accompanies it that will enlighten us further. Indeed, in it, it is simply marked that ” Polyphony Digital and Sony AI race together “. Will this mysterious product be linked to the next game Gran Turismo 7 ? Nothing is less certain, and we will know more from here Wednesday, February 9date on which the two companies will reveal the content of this collaboration.

For those who do not know Sony AI, here is a quick overview of its areas of activity. Founded in April 2020, the company represents the innovative branch of Sony. It designs and produces avant-garde technologies in sectors as varied as imaging, gastronomy and gaming, always in connection with artificial intelligence. This collaboration with Polyphony Digital is therefore the company’s first step into the world of video games.

Gran Turismo 7 release date is fast approaching

If nothing binds yet Gran Turismo 7 to this partnership, players are still eager to immerse themselves in the car simulation franchise, the latest installment of which will be released on March 4 on PS4 and PS5. Until then, you can gather some information thanks to the State of Play released a few days ago, but also pre-order the game at the best price depending on the desired edition.

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