Android 12L, the OS you will find on your (future) folding smartphone

Android 12L, the OS you will find on your (future) folding smartphone

Google unveils Android 12L, a variant of Android 12 intended to equip devices with large screens, including tablets and folding smartphones.

The advantage of Android is that it is an open-source operating system capable of adapting to any screen size, from smartphones to tablets, including hybrid devices like folding smartphones.

While Google offers developers what they need to optimize their applications for multiple screen sizes, it is rare that the tablet version of an app is fundamentally different from its smartphone counterpart, unlike the iPad. which benefits from a dedicated OS and specific applications designed for the tablet.

This is why Google has decided to create a variant of the latest version of its operating system, Android 12, dedicated specifically to devices that offer large screens. This new version is called Android 12L, and is not fundamentally different from Android 12. It nevertheless benefits from a dedicated API and a mess of improvements to make life easier for developers and make Android 12 more user-friendly on a large screen.

The Mountain View firm notably takes advantage of the additional space to ventilate its OS, by splitting the notification panel and the control center in two, for example. Multitasking has also been redesigned, with the appearance of a taskbar on the lower part of the screen, a bit like what we find on Chrome OS. Android 12L will also allow you to “force” multitasking, even on apps that are not compatible.

For now, Android 12L is only available to developers as an Android Studio emulator, to allow them to test their applications for this new version. The final version of Android 12L is expected to be rolled out from early next year. It could in particular equip future foldable devices from Oppo, Xiaomi, Honor, or even the famous Pixel Fold from Google which is long overdue.

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