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Android TV now has 10,000 apps

Android TV continues to attract developers, with Google announcing this week that its operating system now has 10,000 apps. By comparison, there were 7,000 in 2020.

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Android hits 10,000 app milestone

Android TV, which Google encompasses with Google TV, Android TV, and some companies’ pay-TV experiences, therefore has 10,000 apps designed for the big screen. Given that the last data was less than two years ago, this growth of 3,000 applications is significant.

Of course, this growth isn’t really coming from large services, but rather from applications that have more specialized use cases. It also comes from global growth, as many streaming platforms have sprung up over time, with some only available in certain countries.

In the process, Google reiterates a data already shared at the beginning of the year, namely that Android TV has more than 110 million active devices every month and that the operating system is used by 7 of the 10 largest manufacturers. connected televisions. The platform now includes more than 300 partners worldwide, including 170 pay-TV partners.

The next “big” update will be Android TV 13. Google recently offered the first beta to developers.

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