Animal Crossing gets its first paid DLC

Animal Crossing players will soon be able to decorate more homes in the game’s first paid DLC on Nintendo Switch.

This October 15, Nintendo broadcast a live entirely devoted to Animal Crossing New Horizons. On the program, the players were impatiently waiting the return of a legendary character from the franchise, namely Robusto, the owner of the café. If the character will therefore integrate the game by November 5, this is not the only surprise that Nintendo has in store for fans of the game.

Indeed, the studio announced in the wake that the title will be entitled to a very first paid DLC available from the same day. This one is called Happy Home Paradise and will allow you to expand your furniture collection while helping the villagers in the game.

The Villas de Lou open their doors

There will be an air of vacation that will settle in Animal Crossing from November 5. With Villas de Lou, your goal will be to build dream villas for many vacationers. To do this, you will have to listen to their expectations, and decorate the place according to their tastes with suitable furniture.

To help you, you can choose the island where the villa will be built, the season, and even the time of day. If you succeed in creating the ideal environment for your customers, then you will attract more of them, the goal being to build a real successful small business. You can also renovate the setting of Villas de Lou by refurbishing a hospital, a restaurant or a school, all of which are present in the archipelago.

The players who will take part in this adventure will have the opportunity to see their personal catalog grow, since they will be able to take advantage of the new furniture and new techniques acquired. In addition, it will pave the way for the change of decoration of the inhabitants of your island, which will be available some time after the release of the DLC.

Get the DLC via the Switch Online subscription

There are two ways to get the Happy Home Paradise DLC. The first is rather traditional, you just have to go to Nintendo eShop and buy the content pack sold. at the price of € 24.99. To do this, pre-orders will be open as of October 29.

The other method requires you to go through the Nintendo Switch Online subscription expansion pack, which will also be available for sale on November 5. It is currently priced at € 39.99 per year for an individual subscription, and € 69.99 per year for a family subscription.

This expansion pack will therefore give you access to the Animal Crossing DLC, but also to a slew of N64 and Mega Drive games, the list of which will grow over time. If this is more interesting for you, then know that you can change your subscription plan from November 5, and that a personalized reduction will be applied automatically if you have time left on your current plan.

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