Animal Crossing Switch could render characters naked

Before the deployment of a recent patch for Animal Crossing New Horizons on Switch, it was possible to observe characters in the simplest device. This bug is no longer and these animals have found their clothes. Everything is therefore back to normal.

Available for a few weeks for paid download, Happy Home Paradise is additional content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A release, which in addition to disturbing players who felt more or less forced to pay for a full experience, gave rise to several bugs.

Credit: Nintendo

The most notable flaw is the one that happened randomly in this expansion’s cafe. It sometimes happened that characters walk around without the slightest clothing on their backs. And it was not normal, if it was necessary to specify it, because all these animals do not have the same manners as Donald Duck.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: patch 2.0.4 has arrived

An update has just been deployed for this Animal Crossing: New Horizons very prank. In the notes of this patch 2.0.4, we learn in particular that the nudity bug has been corrected. Funny detail, Nintendo talks about characters who “Seemed” not to be clothed. The update not only corrects errors in the DLC, it also corrects some concerns of the original game, which was released last year.

Base game fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where the “Ladder Installation Kit” could disappear when saving the game with the “Ladder Installation Kit” placed on the diagonal cliff on the third level of a cliff formation.
  • Fixed an issue where under “Seasonal Recipes” for DIY recipes, “Maple Leaf Mat” and “Frozen Floor Tiles” were not displayed under the correct seasons.
  • Other fixes have also been made to make the game more enjoyable.

Fixed DLC issues

  • Fixed an issue where members of the establishment wearing clothing using custom designs appeared not to be wearing clothing.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Showroom”, where downloading a player’s facilities after visiting another player’s facilities would cause members of the player’s facilities to appear as Island Residents who visited the facilities.
  • Other fixes have also been made to make the game more enjoyable.

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