another cult game is entitled to its adaptation

It’s a new film adaptation, to say the least, stunning, which is being prepared on the side of PlayStation Productions…

After Uncharted, The Last of Us or god of war, Sony continues to work hard to adapt its cult franchises into films and series. This time, it’s a slightly more niche but equally incredible license that will have the right to its adaptation for the big screen. As surprising as it may be, it is on the side of the PS Vita that Sony will draw for its next film.

But if there is a license that can offer a completely stunning cinematographic work, it is Gravity Rush. Risky bet therefore for PlayStation which leaves to seek a universe of its console having won the least success. Despite this, the adventures of Kat have established themselves as a real nugget, so much so that the title has already had the right to a remaster and has a sequel on PlayStation 4. Making a film of it is therefore the perfect opportunity to make return this license which deserves it well.

A film upside down

With a script by Emily Jerome (Panopticon) and Anna Mastro (Secret Society of Royalty) to the realization, the film seems to be in good hands, but what can we expect from the side of the story? For those who haven’t played the original games, Gravity Rush tells the story of Kat, a young girl with amnesia who can control gravity. Thanks to her powers, she becomes the first rampart of the floating city of Hekseville against the terrible Nevis, which appeared at the same time as her. With an action/adventure gameplay with small onions, bringing this title to the big screen seems like a no-brainer.

As of now, details are minimal and it’s still too early to know who will produce the film. Although this one is produced by PlayStation Productions belonging to Sony Pictures, there is no confirmation that the studio will distribute the film. One thing is sure, the rich world of Gravity Rush offers a nice amount of material to use to make the film an extraordinary experience with stunning visuals. Business to follow in the years to come… Fans of video game adaptations can wait while enjoying the first trailer of the series The Last of Us which has just pointed the tip of its nose.

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