Any changes to expect for the future?

EA announces the transition to free-to-play of The Sims 4. What about later versions? Nothing is less sure.

This is news that fans of the sims around the world were waiting for, but which surely comes a few years too late. The Sims 4 will soon become officially free-to-play. Players who have never tried the title before will be able to do so completely for free… at least for the base game. It was EA who announced it to us with great fanfare on Twitter, and the reactions of the fans were not long in coming.

Mythical license in the world of simulation games, the fourth opus of sims will become free-to-play from October 18 on all platforms. This can only mean one thing: the game will get a second life and see its number of players increase drastically, at least in theory. If we will have the answer in a month, users who already own a copy of the game are not left out.

As in any passage in free-to-play, the owners of the title are offered a reward, of the same value as the price of the game in general, which often amounts to cosmetic elements to be used in-game. Here, EA informs its players that they will receive the kit Luxury Desertwhich contains unique furniture in sand and natural colors.

Everything becomes free? It is not so simple

Of course, there is a catch. Sophisticated gamers know, The Sims 4 is based on a slew of extensions, which remain paid. So there is no question of relying on all the cosmetics and options of the game by downloading the free version next month, you will always have to checkout to take full advantage of everything EA has to offer.

However, this raises an important question regarding the future of the franchise. The Sims 5 and later games will all be offered for free now? The firm does not yet elucidate this point in its message and we should not discover it for a little while. However, it seems that the game lends itself well to it, this decision having little influence on EA’s economic model in the end. It can even avoid a hell of a wave of hacks, which have become commonplace with the franchise. Let us also remember that the passage of Sims 4 to free no doubt signals a deeper evolution for the franchise, as perhaps the long-awaited arrival of Sims 5.

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