Aperture Desk Job: on the occasion of the launch of the Steam Deck, Valve unveils its new game… free!

This one, we really didn’t see it coming. At the same time as the first deliveries of the Steam Deckthe PC-Portable console of Valvethe publisher/manufacturer revealed Aperture Desk Jobhis new game which extends the lore of Portal ! Despite its affiliation with Portal, Aperture Desk Job will offer a whole different gameplay : the screenshots of the game on the Steam page as well as the trailer unveil an adventure-puzzle title “designed as a free short game for Valve’s new Steam Deck”.


The objective of the game remains cryptic to say the least, but we understand all the same that the player will be put in the shoes of a new employee of Aperture Science who must perform various tasks from his office. The game’s description page alone is worth the detour, with a tone of derision as fine as it is ultra referenced quite in the vein of a Portal. Thus, the passage on the free title, which also serves as a pretext to describe other aspects of the game, is armored with a very “Portalian” humor that we hope to find in Aperture Desk Job:

“Put away your wallet, video game fan! Your money is worth nothing here. For this particular product. On the other hand, if your money no longer serves its purpose when you try to do your shopping, you should contact your bank immediately. What if the cashier had stolen your identity? You better go talk to her again because what do you mean, she’s never worked here?! You will have to take on the role of hacker and infiltrate the Dark Web to track her down! To finally find out that it was an alter ego from an alternate time reality?!! from the future?!?! And if anyone in Hollywood is reading this, pull out your wallet, because this brilliant idea doesn’t come free.”

Aperture Desk Job will be available on Steam (and therefore on Steam Deck) on March 1st.

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