Apex Legends confirms the release date for its mobile version

Apex Legends confirms the release date for its mobile version

After spending a long time in beta, we finally know the final release date of the mobile version ofApex Legends. The Electronic Arts hit was until now confined to the circles of console and PC gamers. But as evidenced by the successes of Fortnite and Warzone mobile, smartphone players are also very fond of battle royale… Enough to make room for everything Apex Legends.

It is during this month of May that will be put online for the general public Apex Legends Mobile.

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Apex Legends Mobile is coming to iOS and Android

The date is taken for May 17 precisely. Apex Legends Mobile will be available on iOS devices, but also Android in just under a week. It is already possible to pre-register to be ready on launch day. A clarification should be made: it is not a “simple” mobile version ofApex Legends. This smartphone version is a game in its own right, entirely separate from its mobile counterpart. So don’t expect to regain your progress, or even be able to play in tandem with your friends on consoles or PC.

Apex Legends Mobile thus has its own battle pass, player base, and content. For the launch, just under a dozen Legends will be present in the cast: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Pathfinder, Octane and Wraith. We only find characters from the first two seasons ofApex Legends. Other characters will be added as the game updates. There is no doubt that this cast should quickly expand in the months to come.

In terms of hardware specifications, Apple lovers will need at least an iPhone 6S, with firmware 11.0 at the lowest. As for Android devices, a Snapdragon 435 chip, Hisilicon Kirin 650 and all other equivalents will be required at a minimum, as will firmware 6.0. The game will take 4GB of storage, so you might as well make room as soon as possible.

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