Apple could launch an augmented reality headset in 2022

Apple is preparing to launch a virtual reality headset to compete directly with Facebook’s Meta.

Is Apple set to launch an augmented reality headset early next year? In any case, this is what the always well-informed Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, just said in its latest report on upcoming announcements from the Apple brand. Another informant about the Cupertino company, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo had also announced a few months ago that the brand was about to market a virtual and augmented reality headset. After a last conference which saw the arrival of the notch on its MacBook Pro, Apple could surprise by offering a product very different from what the Apple markets so far. A virtual reality headset.

According to the information at our disposal at the moment, this headset should be connected to an iPhone or an iPad wirelessly. The connection with the Apple tablet should even allow access to even more advanced features according to a report by The Information, released last month. If this ultra futuristic product often seems far from our reality, Gurman assures us that it will not be necessary to wait very long before this product is officially presented by the teams of Tim Cook.

A VR headset yes, but at what cost?

Indeed, Apple would be on the verge of marketing a first version of its headset, at the beginning of the year 2022, while the Cupertino company will continue the development of its Apple Glass, connected glasses. The latter must revolutionize the augmented reality market, whose explosion has been expected for nearly a decade and the first images of Google Glass, which ultimately never saw the light of day. According to Kuo, the arrival of glasses at Apple could take place as early as 2023 and why not the back-to-school conference, usually focused on iPhone. A beautiful one more thing, as the Apple knows how to do so well.

But still according to Gurman’s report, the first VR / AR headset that Apple is about to launch should not be accessible to everyone, and for good reason, the product will be very expensive. If the specialist informant of the apple brand has not (yet) risked giving a price range, he has assured that the product will be “very expensive”. A price that is justified by the components that make up this helmet. High quality chip at levels of performance never seen before, while the heart of the headset should have a very high quality screen.

War is declared with Facebook

The arrival of such a product can also be seen as a direct attack on Meta, the new name of the Facebook group which has been communicating a lot in recent days on the arrival of its virtual universe, which should eventually replace the social network. . Apple and Facebook, who are not already the best friends in the world, could therefore find themselves in a real open war, all this in a reality that will not have anything virtual for once.

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