Apple could offer its A16 chip only in the iPhone 14 Pro

Apple should offer four new iPhones in September, but only two will be entitled to the A16 chip.

For the first time since the iPhone 8, Apple could choose not to offer its new generation chips in its iPhone. The Apple brand plans to offer the same A15 chip, already present in the iPhone 13, in the iPhone 14.

This choice, first announced by Ming-Chi Kuo a few months ago, seems to be confirmed today with many rumors going in the direction of the TF Securities analyst. In the words of Kuo, who covered the rumor again in his latest report, Apple has “changed its business strategy” when it comes to chips in iPhones.

Wanting to make a real difference between the pro model and the classic version of the next iPhone, the Apple brand would therefore have chosen to introduce its new A16 chip only in the “Pro” version of its upcoming iPhone.

The shortage, the Covid, or money, what motivation(s) for Apple?

If such an announcement were to be confirmed at the start of the school year, it would be the first time since the iPhone 8 and X (released at the same time) that Apple has made such a choice. If Kuo gives very little information on the motivations that led the Apple brand to make this stagnation with regard to the classic version of the iPhone 14, the shortage of chips, which today affects the world computer science, could be the beginning of an explanation.

More generally, the resurgence of positive Covid-19 cases in China could undermine production in the coming weeks, and Apple thus prefers to focus on a single model, the Pro.

The last hypothesis that we can imagine to explain this choice of Apple would be purely pecuniary. According to this theory, the Apple brand would have chosen to abandon the “classic” version of the iPhone 14 to offer its most interesting new features on the pro version of the phone, historically more expensive.

It would therefore only be to increase its profit that Apple would offer an A15 chip in its iPhone 14. According to this idea, Apple will sell fewer “classic” iPhones this year and the “Pro” model will be the real star of this generation, generating the most sales among the four models offered at the start of the school year.

An advantaged iPhone 14 Pro

As a reminder, Apple plans to launch four iPhone 14s this year, the Mini should be replaced by a “Max” version of the iPhone 14 while the Pro and Pro Max will still be present. Among the big news announced, Apple should completely rethink Face ID and the notch at the top of the screen.

With a double punch system, the Cupertino company could get rid of the notch that has stuck to the skin of the iPhone since 2017 and the iPhone X.

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