Apple could wait until October to release iPadOS 16

Apple presented at the last WWDc iPadOS 16, but its development is falling further and further behind.

In a classic year for Apple, the Apple brand generally presents new versions of its operating systems at the beginning of June, during WWDC. This Developer Week is the perfect time for that, but Apple isn’t releasing updates right away, leaving all summer to fix bugs, but also allow third-party developers to support new features.

In general, therefore, it is necessary to wait until September, a few days after the release of the new iPhones, to see Apple publish the first version of iOS, iPadOS, macOS and WatchOS, the four operating systems updated every year. But according to the Bloomberg news site, the timing could be a little different this year.

An unusual delay for Apple

Indeed, Apple could wait until October before releasing iPadOS 16 in its final version. According to the article, Apple is having a hard time integrating the main new feature of iPadOS 16: Stage Manager. This feature, presented at WWDC, will arrive on Mac and iPad in the next update, but its integration on Apple tablets raises questions.

Indeed, the Cupertino company still suffers today from many bugs in its beta versions, and it cannot currently resolve them. According to Blommberg, if the Apple wishes to give itself this additional time, it is to dissociate the arrival of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. By leaving a month between these two events, the Apple teams can concentrate on the iPhone software system for this end of summer, and they will take care of iPadOS in detail in September.

Stage Manager: not everyone will be entitled to it

As a reminder, the Stage Manager functionality which is announced as making all the difference between iPadOS 15 and 16 will only be available on certain very recent iPads. Indeed, the Cupertino company thought of this new option as working with the M1 chip, but today there are only three Apple tablets that have this chip.

It will therefore be necessary to have an iPad Pro from 2021 or better or the latest iPad Air to be able to take advantage of this feature which greatly reorganizes the space on the home screen. According to other sources, Apple may also decide to wait for new tablets to come out before releasing iPadOS 16.

It is indeed announced that the Cupertino company will present new iPads before the end of the year, they could be a very good launching pad for this update which will change a lot of things in our use of tablets. Apple.

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