Apple fixes its biggest flaw

Apple fixes its biggest flaw

Apple already offers a solution to hide the notch of its new MacBook Pro. But you won’t have to get used to it too much, this solution is temporary.

She has caused a lot of talk in recent days, almost as much as the Apple Chiffonette. Criticized, useless for some, a sign of future innovation for others, the notch of the latest MacBook Pro does not leave indifferent, and in the microcosm of Apple there are as many opinions about it as there are potential customers. If the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips were unanimous among the Apple public, the arrival of a notch, a symbol of the iPhone of recent years, on the latest MacBook Pros has divided.

But faced with this growing disenchantment with the MacBook Pro notch, which does not even have Face ID, let us remember, Apple has already found the solution. The Apple brand explains in an internal support document that it has just set up a temporary option for applications that do not yet take into account the notch in their layout.

A temporary option

This option, called “scale to fit under the built-in camera” will force applications to use only the display under the notch, thus adopting the features and dimensions of older MacBook Pros. Apple specifies in its internal note that this solution should remain a temporary workaround option for applications that still work poorly with this new notch.

Immediately presented by Apple, this new option already has its tutorial on Twitter. It was the artist @Jatodaro who demonstrated in detail the procedure to obtain and activate this new option.

According to its small demonstration video, all you have to do is check the option in the “get more information about the application” submenu. This feature should not stay very long, Apple indeed intends to impose its notch on new MacBook Pro users, whether they like it or not. According to the company’s internal assistance document, the Cupertino company could remove this option as soon as the developers have adapted their software to this new screen format.

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