Apple has already turned the presentation plans for the iPhone 14

Apple would have already shot some sequences concerning its video presentation of the next iPhone which should be released in September.

With the arrival of the pandemic and new health rules, Apple had no other choice in 2020 than to present its iPhone 12 in the form of a virtual, pre-recorded conference. Since then, Tim Cook and his band have not invited back an audience of expert journalists and personalities.

The apple brand has continued for almost two years to record its keynotes, thus leaving no room for direct error. If rumors had appeared at the beginning of the summer concerning the return of physical events on the Apple side, the Apple brand does not seem to hear it that way and it continues to record its videos.

A presentation video already shot

According to the very well-informed Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple has even started shooting images for its video presentation of the next iPhone. In the latest edition of his “Power On” newsletter, the journalist explains that Apple plans to make two keynotes in the space of a month.

According to Gurman, the Cupertino company could choose to focus in September on the iPhone 14 and on the different versions of the Apple Watch Series 8, while a second presentation conference could take place in October to focus this both on iPads and Macs.

It must be said that Apple’s launch intentions are exponential if the rumors are to be believed. Indeed, in addition to the annual iPhone and Apple Watch, the Apple brand could offer new iPads (iPad Pro in particular) as well as an update to the AirPods Pro. As far as computers are concerned, Apple could choose to update its Mac mini with an M2 or even M2 Pro chip.

MacBook Pro and Mac Pro for 2023?

The firm could take advantage of the arrival of this fixed device to present a new version of the MacBook Pro, possibly an update of the 14 and 16-inch versions. Finally, Apple could decide to take its time a little more with regard to the Mac Pro, the latter having been in the brand’s small papers for two years.

If the Mac Studio had made it possible to satisfy a good part of Apple’s customers, many professionals are still waiting for the arrival of the Mac Pro with an Apple Silicon chip. Something that the Apple has refused for almost two years.

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