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Apple is not waiting, its iPhone 13s are in decline 🔥

You already have the opportunity to save money on iPhone 13s with this special offer. This is the one and only discount that we have seen on the new generation of smartphones stamped with the apple logo.

In recent years, Apple has occasionally allowed certain merchants to make discounts on its products. Since the release of the iPhone 13 in September, only RED by SFR is authorized to make discounts. The telecom operator offers a classic e-commerce site with smartphones that are sold naked. No need to take a package with it.

Here are some offers available at the moment:

To discover the iPhone 13, it’s here:

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Like other manufacturers, Apple is a victim of the semiconductor shortage and its iPhone 13s are affected. The production could therefore not be substantial enough to meet the expectations of the public and the volume of orders for the holiday season. So you have to buy them as early as possible – and this discount is the perfect opportunity to do so.

A discount to be seized as soon as possible

If you still hesitate, we remind you that RED by SFR offers an immediate discount on these iPhone 13. If the operator is one of the heavyweights of the package market, it also has an e-commerce site that works like conventional platforms such as ‘Amazon. You choose your smartphone, you add it to your basket and you confirm your order. No need to take out a subscription to be entitled to the current reduction.

RED by SFR is the only one to put forward a special offer on iPhone 13. No other online merchant can boast of doing the same and Amazon even displays out of stock on some models. This is one of the consequences of the processor crisis that we mentioned above: the American brand cannot provide the platforms as it usually does. The closer we get to Christmas, the more complicated it will become.

By ordering an iPhone 13 from RED by SFR, you are guaranteed to benefit from the same 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as if you had bought it in an Apple Store. You can also get help from Apple through the Genius Bar in stores if you have a question. You can also purchase Apple Care insurance within 60 days of your purchase.

See offers on iPhone 13s

By taking a new iPhone 13 from this operator, you have an advantage over delivery. It is free and insured within 48 hours of your purchase. You will have the possibility of making a delivery in a relay point or directly to your home.

As in an Apple store, you then have 14 days to change your mind after purchasing your iPhone 13 on the operator’s official website. You do not take any risk and you are reimbursed in full if you return the product during this period. No need to remember that this offer is doomed to end very quickly. Several colors and storage capacities are no longer available.

Why fall for the iPhone 13?

If you do not know which iPhone 13 to choose, it should be noted that this new range made up of 4 models has the merit of being varied and balanced. In the end, there is something for everyone. You are guaranteed to choose a premium smartphone regardless of the version you buy from RED by SFR. There are still small differences that will justify the price difference and popularity.

On the one hand, you should know that the iPhone 13 all benefit from the excellent A15 chip, a powerful processor developed by Apple. This one is the best in the world yet, it doesn’t have a competitor that could do better – not even Samsung’s Exynos 2100. In the end, each of the models offers a great experience in each of your daily uses, but also when you perform more energy-consuming actions (games, etc.). This entire range is compatible with the 5G network: you have access to an even faster and more efficient connection.

Otherwise, iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are not the same size, these measure 6.1, 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches for OLED display and rate 120 Hz refresh rate. The size is also the only difference between the classic and mini version, which gives you the choice between a compact format or a classic format. For an XXL panel, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will meet your expectations.

In addition, Apple has improved the autonomy and the photo offer of this new range. Thus, the latest iPhone 13 benefits from a new double photo module while its battery offers you up to 2h30 more than the previous version. For design, we always appreciate these slightly square borders for a general aesthetic and classy rendering. It must be said, this generation has everything to convince even more users around the world – especially with this surprise discount.

The whole range comes with an excellent choice of colors. We have for the iPhone 13 and 13 mini: midnight, starlight, powder, blue and Product RED. For the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, we find: graphite, silver, gold and blue. Some colors are already out of stock, it’s a sign that this flash sale is taken by storm.

To see the offers on these iPhone 13s, it’s here:

See offers on iPhone 13s

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