Apple is preparing a new screen more affordable than the Pro Display XDR

Apple’s Pro Display XDR catches your eye, but its price shatters your dreams? Good news, Apple would prepare a more affordable screen.

Apple made an impression in 2019 with the presentation of its Pro Display XDR screen. Aimed at professionals, this monitor has some enticing features; even if it does not compete with the best in the image industry. Nevertheless, the 32-inch Retina 6K screen from the Cupertino company presents solid arguments (10-bit colors, P3 certification, HDR, True Tone, brightness at 1,000 nits, etc.) and a high price. Available in two finishes, the Pro Display XDR is displayed at €5,499 with standard glass; and €6,499 for the variant with nano-textured glass. This price, which does not take accessories into account, is explained by the orientation of the product. It is aimed at fans of video editing or photo editing.

Far from being within reach of all budgets, the Pro Display XDR has something to leave Apple fans hungry for. The California firm hasn’t offered an affordable screen since discontinuing the 27-inch Thunderbolt in 2016. Moreover, it hasn’t launched a new screen since 2019 while some of its products adopt mini-LED technology. The situation should change in the near future, if the many noises of color are to be believed.

A new, more affordable screen is expected

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a successor to the Thunderbolt Display is in the works. It will be offered as a consumer display and more affordable than the Pro Display XDR; the latter should remain in the Apple catalog. To be cheaper, the screen will not have the same characteristics and you should expect a less bright panel. The contrast ratio should also be lowered to reduce costs.

It is not excluded to see Apple decline its screen in two sizes, 24 and 27 inches. Also according to rumors, relayed by MacRumors, LG and the Californian firm are developing three new screens from 24 to 32 inches. The 24- and 27-inch variants would be touted as adorable options; the 32-inch screen could take over from the Pro Display XDR. These diagonals are far from unknown at Apple, which offers 24 and 27-inch iMacs.

We can also expect the 27- and 32-inch monitors to feature a mini-LED panel with 120 Hz ProMotion. These features are already available on the 2021 MacBook Pro and are expected for the future 27-inch iMac. The 24-inch screen would be more classic and would rather be inspired by the 24-inch iMac. As a reminder, the all-in-one has a Retina 4.5K panel (4,480×2,520 pixels), certified P3, True Tone and with a brightness of 500 nits.

For now, we don’t know anything about the design of these future screens.

And the successor to the Pro Display XDR?

To provide some consistency to its lineup, Apple will need to update its Pro Display XDR. As we mentioned earlier, a successor is expected and it should be inspired by the current model (32 inches, 6K definition). According to 9to5Mac, Apple would like to present a new external screen equipped with an A13 chip and a Neural Engine. The latter is an artificial intelligence chip while the SoC of the iPhone 11 would bring its power to improve the display. The process is already used in the various onboard chips dedicated to image processing. Note that this rumor originated in mid-2021 and Apple may be using a newer one.

Possible release date and price

The successor to the Pro Display XDR will continue to market itself as a solution for pros. Far from being affordable, its price should still exceed 5,000 euros while the consumer screen would be sold at around 2,500 euros. A price divided for two to reach a wider audience, without forgetting the different variants.

The 24-inch screen could be sold for around 999 euros; the price at which the Thunderbolt monitor was sold. It also remains to be seen whether these screens will find a place in Apple’s busy 2022 calendar.

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