Apple is preparing for a historic 2022 year-end, according to rumors

Apple is about to make a historical update of its products for the end of 2022. On the iPhone program but not only.

Following the news around the apple brand is a real full-time job. Analysts all go there with their theories and it is sometimes hard to disentangle the true from the false in the rumors surrounding the Cupertino company. But this year, things have taken on a dimension never seen before.

Indeed, never in Apple’s history have so many analysts discussed different projects, and never has Apple’s future seemed so busy. If we are to believe all the rumors at our disposal today, Apple is about to experience the busiest end of the year in its history.

iPhone 14, but not only…

The Apple brand could indeed launch several flagship products, in addition to its iPhone, which comes back to it every year. Around the next iPhone 14, whose characteristics are slowly emerging from rumor to rumor, Apple should take advantage of the third quarter of the year to launch new products such as a virtual and augmented reality headset.

If a lot of information, sometimes contradictory, came out about this helmet, all the analysts agree to say that the launch is imminent, the product could also be announced during the same keynote as the next iPhone.

But in addition to this product, which would sign a fanfare arrival of Apple in the world of virtual reality, giving an unprecedented spotlight to this market, the Apple brand could take advantage of the end of the year to launch a new generation of computers. The latter would then benefit from a power that surpasses the wildest expectations.

Gurman announces record fall

According to information from the journalist of Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, always very well informed when it comes to Apple, the apple brand should therefore take advantage of the fall to launch, in order: a new MacBook Pro, a new generation of iMac, a Mac Pro with an M-series chip, which would be a first in Apple history.

But also a new generation of AirPods Pro or a new range of Apple Watch and iPad, in particular the iPad Pro which should be entitled to the same M series chip as the new MacBook Pro.

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