Apple is working on a new case for AirPods Max

Apple has just filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office regarding its AirPods Max and its shell.

At the end of 2020, Apple surprised everyone with a brand new product, never before announced during the famous Apple brand keynotes. This overpriced headset, the AirPods Max, was according to Apple the reference product in its category and surpassed all the others by far.

If the performance of the headphones is very good, whether in terms of the sound itself, comfort or autonomy. The various testers agree that it is a high-end product, which is not revolutionary either. If we go through these tests, we quickly notice that they all point to the same defect: the Smart Case.

A problematic Smart Case

Wanted by Apple as a standby case, this small storage box is now much criticized for its aesthetics considered “low-end”. Too bad for headphones over 600 euros. But things could change in the next few years. Indeed, far from having been cooled by this first experience in the world of headphones, Apple would be ready to put the cover back, and offer a second version of its AirPods Max.

In this new headphones Apple would bring all its knowledge regarding sound and would support even more codecs, for optimal playback of all sound files. But according to a recent patent made public by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple could also take user feedback into account and review its protective shell.

Just a design change?

In a new design that accompanies this patent, the Apple brand offers a completely closed solution that can keep the helmet inside. Bulkier, this option would also be stronger. The black point of this patent is nevertheless that it does not mention recharging at any time.

As a reminder, with a current AirPods Max, charging is done only via a Lightning cable that plugs into the bottom of the headset, at one of the two headphones. If the headphones end up in a closed case, the big question is how the headphones can charge inside. If recharging can only be done outside the protective shell, it would be a step backwards compared to the current solution.

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