Apple unveils its 2021 App Store Awards

It’s almost the end of the year and Apple is taking the opportunity to unveil its App Store Awards 2021 and no less than 15 apps and / or games have received an award from Apple.

End of the year requires, Apple take advantage of the beginning of this month of december to unveil its list of the best apps and games on 2021 on his App Store.

Also, there is a selection of 15 applications and / or games which represent, according to the Cupertino company, represent what has been done best in terms of user experience. We remind you that this selection was made by the editorial team of the Apple App Store and that it rewards developers who have been able to offer users a qualitative experience, innovations, creativity or even more simply, a cultural impact.

“The developers who won the App Store Award in 2021 have followed their path and put forward their vision in order to offer the best apps and games, spreading the creativity and passion of millions of users around the world” according to Tim Cook , CEO of Apple. “From independent and self-taught coders to leaders in global solutions, these developers have innovated with Apple technologies.”

The Winners, App category, of the App Store Award 2021:

  • iPhone App of the Year: Toca Life World, by Toca Boca
  • iPad App of the Year: LumaFusion, by LumaTouch
  • Mac App of the Year: Craft, by Luki Labs Limited
  • Apple TV App of the Year: DAZN, by DAZN Group
  • Apple Watch App of the Year: Carrot Weather, by Grailr

Apple App Store Awards 2021

The Winners, Games category, of the App Store Award 2021:

  • iPhone Game of the Year: “League of Legends: Wild Rift,” by Riot Games
  • iPad Game of the Year: “MARVEL Future Revolution,” by Netmarble Corporation
  • Mac Game of the Year: “Myst,” by Cyan
  • Apple TV Game of the Year: “Space Marshals 3,” by Pixelbite
  • Apple Arcade Game of the Year: “Fantasian,” by Mistwalker

Apple App Store Awards 2021

But that’s not all since the Apple teams have defined a theme that summed up, for them, the year that has just passed. The chosen theme is “Connection” and in this particular theme, Apple took the opportunity to select apps and games that represented this theme well:

  • Among Us! by InnerSloth
  • Bumble, by Bumble Inc
  • Canva, from Canva
  • EatOkra, by Anthony Edwards Jr. and Janique Edwards
  • Peanut, from Peanut App Limited

Apple App Store Awards 2021

All winners received a physical trophy representing the App Store logo, made from 100% recycled aluminum.

Apple App Store Awards 2021

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